My name is Viviana. I am from Hong Kong but now living in London.

I was and still am a very lousy housewife and am never good at cooking. But one morning (not long ago, just in September 2011) I woke up and determined to try my best to improve my home-making skills a bit before going back to school in September 2012. Now I try to bake about 2-3 times and cook at least 3 new dishes every week. My goal is to learn 10 new dishes every month, so I can accomplish at least 120 dishes by the end of September 2012.

I honestly don't have any tips to share as I am not a good cook, but I hope by writing down the mistakes I made and the experience I learnt, I can help myself grow into a better cook/baker.

My other obsessions include photography, travelling, knitting, sewing, scuba diving, skiing & crime television series.

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